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The GamePark GP2x: An Open Handheld from 2007

GamePark Holdings made some great devices when they were around. There were other open handhelds that came out around the same time, but this line of handhelds really helped to prove that there is an audience for this kind of device.

The GP2X has a great build quality, it takes AA batteries, and even uses older versions of emulators like Picodrive which can be found as a RetroArch core on modern open handhelds.

Too Many Handhelds on Twitter:

[야매 Review] GPH GP2X-F300 개봉기

Hedelmae - Daydream | Demoscene | GP2X

Quoted readme:
"DAYDREAM - a GP2X demo for Assembly 2008 real wild demo competition.

this is the buggy compo version! final should be out very very soon! GP2X version uses ogg940 player by Dzz.


fragment programming, effect graphics, 3d models
plokk concept, background graphics, sprites
leaphion music

extraspecial thanks goes to Marq/Fit and all Hedelmae members who gave help, support and ideas; cyrus, iguchi, mse, zef

visit us at:
and read about our current projects at:
or write to (nick)"





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