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Simple Minds - Waterfront

Listen to the complete playlist on Spotify here: https://SimpleMindsInl.lnk.to/ListenID

40: The Best of 1979 – 2019 is out now featuring all the hits from across Simple Minds’ career including ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’, ‘Alive \u0026 Kicking’ and brand new track, ‘For One Night Only’ - https://simpleminds.lnk.to/40TheBestOfID

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Music video by Simple Minds performing Waterfront (2003 Digital Remaster).
Lisa C : Stand up to Tyranny 2020 or this will be just a far gone memory
rnmusic1983 : Last 30 years Sheffield wednesday come out to this song
Amy : Probably one of the most underrated songs and bands EVER...............
Harshit Saxena : HIMYM Season 9 Episode 4!
2MarDiv PacNorWes MoT RepDep : I was born 6 November 1964, the exact right time to have able to see this talented band form, grow and succeed. What a glorious impact Tears for Fears made on me growing up. The music of "My Time" helped me to survive being a teenager in an empty home. I have been on my own since 1978 and lived every moment of my young life then INSIDE THE SANCTUARY OF SONGS LIKE THIS ONE.
I haven't heard Waterfront in many many years until today. My eyes are filled with tears, my heart is aching for past I never knew with parents, family and love. Sad but SAVED. Thank You Tears for Fears for helping ME to be alive!!!

Simple Minds - Waterfront

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On 27th November 2013 Simple Minds played a very special concert and filmed it at the brand new award-winning venue the SSE Hydro Glasgow, the first concert to be filmed there.

The deluxe digipak package features a DVD with a 93 minute edit of the concert, two CDs containing the audio, and a booklet containing a selection of beautiful photos of the occasion. The Blu-Ray package, filmed in HD, features a 93 minute edit of the concert unavailable elsewhere, and also contains the booklet of photos.

Available to order at Amazon - http://amzn.to/1ofUcLP or from the official store - http://www.myplaydirect.com/simpleminds

Keep up-to-date with the band at https://www.facebook.com/simpleminds
Easy As Business Point of Sale Software : ABSOLUTE BRILLIANCE!!!!
Vincent Lefebvre : Do not worry we're gelding older which means not bad at all. We were young and beautiful, but still beautiful. Keep your "simple" mind!-)
desalley : Was there ever a better song for opening a gig?
Remember hearing live for 1st time in 1986 at MK Bowl and still sounding epic.
MindBomb Disposal : Notice how ALL in the music industry have to give the Satanic hand symbol.

Jim and his band sold out long ago for fame and success. Notice his left hand at 2.06. Sorry to all his fans, but Simple Minds are just another band on the Satanic gravy train.

ALL popular music is CONTROLLED. And you idiotic fans believe their STARS.

The only force that creates stars is the Fallen Star. Hence the description STAR. You ALL live in an Occultocracy, not Democracy. See the light people.
Walter Zuppo : Jim Kerr milions and milions light years ahead the stuppid Bono Vox.

emo : First time I saw this movie was in the mid 1960s . Have seen it many times since and still think its one of the finest films ever made . And i've watched plenty of english and foreign language films, and older films than this one too, over the years
Mariam Shiraz : Masterpiece
Brando deserved the Oscar for this performance ❤️
Vicente Pineda : There was a time when the line between right and wrong was not as blurred as it is today when in many instances right is wrong and wrong right. A great cast in a great movie. Thanks for uploading.
Carol Benson : Wow...didn't know I could watch this free!!
Frank Rehak : "that's the same way they called Andy the night i lost him" this line gives me chils every
time i see this film




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