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10 Strange Phenomenon’s that Happened Around The World

Nature can be unbelievably powerful. A major earthquake can topple huge buildings and bring down entire mountainsides. At Niagara Falls, more than 500,000 gallons of water crash down 18 stories into the Niagara River every second—enough to fill nearly 50 Olympic-size swimming pools in a minute! And everyone knows about hurricanes, blizzards, avalanches, forest fires, floods, tidal waves, bird tracks, and even thunderstorms. But if you thought Mother Nature didn't have many surprises up her sleeve, think again. Nature has a load of other powers that, while less well-known, can only be described as, well, freaky.

#Impossibleplaces #Science #Strange
Lizaveta Miloszka : In the fire tornado bit- wtf does he mean by ‘hot cases?’
Bryan Njagi :

nameless anthropodian : very good
Dannerino : "Phenomenon's"? Wow, you mutilated that word.
MAN-DRANDA-TRUTH Interjection : For children

10 Weirdest Things Caught On CCTV

Setting up CCTV can be a way of having a bit of piece mind that you're safe and secure in your own home. However these guys may well regret that decision.

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itz copy ilo : Unsub to CCTV She or he joined our meeting but we did not invite her im a child so pls
g_bella : him talking about clowns
*me scared of clowns af:omg I hope the people that live where the clowns are are ok!
Him:the clowns are in South Carolina
Me living there:oh wait...I live in South Carolina I’m screwed up
Ps:I now live in China
Keep Piecefull : A door has motors on it to swing it flat by design, and when it swings flat uncommanded, people think it is a ghost? If you want to see more ghosts, just hang out in front of a supermarket. They have ghosts that open the doors for the living all day long.
Karl Brynner Amaya : Clown gangsta after attacking the quiet kid's house

x64dbg: Analyze a malware dll's exported function with cmdline arguments

You want to debug a malware that arrives as a DLL file and has an exported function called with command line arguments? Here is one way to do it: Open rundll32.exe, change the command line in x64dbg and have the DLL invoked using rundll32.exe.

This trick turned out to be helpful while looking at a malware sample (SHA256 a75886b016d84c3eaacaf01a3c61e04953a7a3adf38acf77a4a2e3a8f544f855) which was used as part of a targeted attack against security researchers as documented by Google TAG at https://blog.google/threat-analysis-group/new-campaign-targeting-security-researchers/. According to Google, the actors behind the attack are attributed to a government-backed entity based in the DPRK.

The malicious DLL is invoked as follows by the preceding stage:
rundll32.exe mal.dll,OCSP_resp_find lxUi5CZ0IV45j89Y 4901




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