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E BIKE TIPS: Turbo Charge your E Bike's performance, programming the LCD S830

E BIKE TIPS: Turbo Charge your E Bike's performance, programming the LCD S830

EBIKELING 36V/48V S830 Waterproof LCD Display https://amzn.to/32MDBOz

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How to build an inexpensive e-bike | EASY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMar30OZyEE\r
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Vic Kipps : If i don't get a speed reading what could be wrong what setting do I need to change
microspect : Thank you for this
Anibal Manuel : I appeal to everyone not to buy anything on the aliexpress store, GO OUT FOR FUN STORE. They sold me a damaged bicycle and did not solve the problem.
Michael Sanders : He said you had to wrestle your right to the ground. I guess you disabled the brake cut off it would have cut off your engine power
SpotOnArm : Perfect in every way. (Referring to previous Ann Margret spot).

[체험판]BRAVOTEC SWORD S830 케이스 리뷰

궁금점이 해결되셨다면 구독과 좋아요 부탁드립니다~
방송중 설명하던거 클립으로 딴겁니다. 많이 보러와 주세요
도움이 됬다면 구독과 좋아요 부탁드립니다.
DJ RossoCorsa 구독 부탁드립니다.
김병진 : 850m 쓰고있는데 상단팬 간섭땜에 위쪽케이블 넣는게 좀빡셌는데 개선된거같아서 그부분은 더 좋은듯하네요 ㅋㅋ
Pq D : 영상 잘봤습니다
X8 850m보다 더 많은것을 챙기려고 만든 케이스인듯한데 뭔가 아쉽네요
장이혁 : 그럼 박격포 못쓰는건가요.. 이 케이스 샀는데 9400f에 무슨 보드 써야하죠 ㅠㅠ?
큰입배스 : 이거 너무 궁금했는데 리뷰해주셔서 감사해요
손목터널증후군 : B360m 박격포 장착 가능한가여?

S830 eBike LCD Display Setup Explained

Just a quick and dirty video of how to program and setup your S830 eBike Display. I noticed that I did not explain P11 very well. P11 is a Pedal Assist (PAS) Sensitivity setting. 1-24. Thw higher the number, the more sensitive the PAS will be.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for future videos, please leave them in the comments section below.

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1st Page Google : Hello Daniel... I start by saying THANK YOU for this video... I have a new ebike and had no way to understand the settings. But, how and why i found you was that i was truly hoping to find a way to have throttle only and never realized it was all right here in the settings to control the PAS and or throttle. THANK YOU!!! I will try to reset now and see if it really does work!
Vic Kipps : Is there a down load to down load
Doug Fox : What does p11 do? IS 23 THE FACTORY SET.
Doug Fox : What does p07 do. I see recomends for47
Doug Fox : I had to change my battery connection to my controller as they didnt match. Used aknderson as you dont need to solder just crimp. My big question is how do you shorten the wires to motor and to the controller fRom the
Computer. Do you just have to fold , tuck and tape or can you cut and use connectors.




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